Messimania: The greatest beneficiary is not PSG

Messimania: The greatest beneficiary is not PSG

Starting in the 1960s, in European regions, shirts with the colors that identified peoples, societies, groups or ethnic groups began to be traded. To the extent that the tournaments or competitions acquired dyes of social, racial, even generational rivalry; Carrying a specific shield or a number outside one's social circle was an object of identity and worship.

Some examples of the first sports and regional rivalries that instilled this custom were Hallam vs. Sheffield, Chelsea vs. Leeds, Manchester vs. Liverpool, Arsenal vs. Tottenham, Madrid vs. Barcelona, ​​Sevilla vs. Betis, Inter vs. Milan or Rangers vs. Celtic, to name a few. . In these rivalries, it was unthinkable to acquire and wear any garment (shirt, sweater or scarf in cold climates) with the colors of the antagonistic team.

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However, gradually the sports manufacturers of the main international clubs evolved the aesthetics and marketing strategies to promote the consumption of shirts beyond rivalries, regions and especially the reach of "physical followers" (those who attend the stadium weekly). ).

Paris Saint Germain is perhaps the most striking of these examples, combining two fundamental factors: Nike's experience in global commercial positioning (for example: promoting the NBA beyond the USA) with the infrastructure and visibility of Paris as an international capital of Fashion.

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Precisely Paris is experiencing a moment of madness with the arrival of the new star Leonel Messi and the frenzy to acquire a commercial shirt with his number.

Although the start of the sale of the shirt began with great controversy after having eliminated the mythical vertical red stripe that crossed the chest, the criticism dissipated when it was confirmed that after more than 20 years in Barcelona, ​​Leo Messi would be a new Paris player Saint-Germain

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Although in his first season Leo will not wear his usual number 10, the number 30 carries a historical element: with that number he debuted in Barcelona. Ingredient strong enough for the consumer to feel that, for Messi, PSG is a new beginning without forgetting the roots. That is to say: if wearing number 30 once surprised the world, imagine if he wore it once again... without a doubt, you would want to be part of that favorable surprise, right?

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This phenomenon is not new at all... in fact, do you remember another historic sports star, related to Nike and who has represented a new beginning?

That's how it is! On his return to basketball and the Chicago Bulls, His Majesty Michael Jordan did it with #45 and not with his mythical #23. As with Messi today, in 1995 the madness to acquire his shirt was unleashed and what happened after a short time? … Jordan returned to wearing #23

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Messi stamping his name behind the PSG shirt has caused huge queues and shortages at the Champs-Elysées store. In the virtual store, the original Messi replica shirt has also been sold out even though its price was not exactly a bargain, as the total cost of the shirt, the number printing and the French League sleeve patches was of 160 euros.

It is very likely that at the start of the new European seasons, the replica shirt (or fan version) of Messi will be the most expensive in the world. Now, if the price is high and it is already sold out both physically and virtually, it could be assumed that the sale of shirts is a tremendous business for #psg, right?

Well, it is not true: and it is that around the world, clubs do not receive a large percentage of income or royalties for each shirt sold. On average, less than 9% of the purchase ticket is collected by the Clubs. Most of the income is for the manufacturing brand, since it signs a sponsorship (or manufacturing) contract in exchange for a fairly high sum for the Club.

In this particular case and according to ESPN, PSG and Nike have established a contract until 2032 for an annual figure of 80 million euros. This agreement was established pre-Messi, so the arrival of the Argentine star will have a significant contribution in the annual amortization of that figure, especially since sales of Messi's shirt in Barcelona generated annual revenues of 30 million euros per year.

Both Nike and its "Jordan" franchise have been able to exploit the combination of football and fashion with touches similar to the pieces that Michael wore as a player. An example is the shorts that PSG will wear in the season, but also the new clothing line related to the Chicago Bulls of the nineties.

Messi first training session with PSG - Halftime

Another product that has 'broken' the PSG store was the shirt with which Messi appeared at the Paris-Le Bourget airport and went out to greet the fans for the first time. A white T-shirt with the slogan 'Ici c'est Paris' from the club's own clothing line that also sold out.
At a price of 25 euros, it has gone on sale again with very few pieces available so that they run out soon and the consumer keeps their attention on the updates of the PSG stores.

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And what about Adidas? Are they taking advantage of Messi's change? Let's remember that they are Leo's personal sponsor.

According to, Adidas is preparing a special campaign to celebrate Messi's arrival in Paris with the slogan "Messi c'est Paris" on white backgrounds. The clothing will bear the logo of the brand and also that of the player himself. Adidas is hoping for Nike-like success with shirts, though it will be odd to see two rival brands trying to hang on to the same phenomenon at the same time. A new adventure in which both walk together.

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