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1984 El Salvador Cadiz Magico Gonzalez Signed Signed (M)

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His significance and brilliance on a playing field made even Diego Armando Maradona himself once proclaim that the Salvadoran was better than him.

"I am convinced that Mágico González was better than Maradona. He played with both feet, not like him who was only left-handed. He did incredible things. Jorge was much more to me than Maradona" ..Sandokan, Mágico's teammate in the Cadiz.

Jorge el Mágico González 's best season was the 1983-1984 campaign, when he was 25 years old . That year, Cádiz was relegated to the second division, but the cuscatleco scored 14 goals in a total of 31 games (he had just scored the same number in the second division to get promoted). This aroused the interest of FC Barcelona , who took him on a tour of the United States, but later ended up ruling out his hiring for reasons that we all know.

A Mágico autograph is like that of an artist. It's a relic, it's like Dalí's. It took two minutes for each one. Carefully, with excellent calligraphy. He always put: "thank you", he put his signature, El Salvador, the date... it took two minutes for each shirt, but he had hundreds of requests. It was crazy to go anywhere with him."
Hugo Cow

Romantic, genius, bohemian, gifted... There is no end to praise for a player who, if football were measured only by talent and natural conditions, would be on first-name terms with anyone. "If Magico had wanted...".

Signed by the eternal (photo at the time of signing) #11 Mágico González in El Salvador

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