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1995 Mexico Blanca Aba Sport Copa Rey Fahd Blanca Sin Dorsal (L)

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The Copa del Rey Fahd was created in 1992, when the champions of each continent and special guests were brought together. Years later it would change to what we know today as the Confederations Cup.

In the second edition (1995) Mexico with one of its historic line-ups, reached third place, beating a famous Nigerian team led by Jay Jay Okocha on penalties.

Denmark won the tournament beating Argentina by 2 goals. Daniel Pasarella was the manager and Ayala, Zanetti, Ariel Ortega, Batistuta, the best players.

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Coach Miguel Mejia Baron 1 Jorge Campos 2 Claudio Suarez 4 Nacho Ambriz 5 Ramon Ramirez 6 Marcelino Bernal 7 Carlos Hermosillo 8 Garcia Aspe 9 Jorge Ramirez 10 Luis Garcia (Top Scorer) 11 Zague 12 Adrian Chavez 13 Manuel Vidrio 14 Joaquin del Olmo 15 Gerardo Esquivel 16 Alberto Coyote 17 THE TEACHER Benjamin Galindo 18 Cuauhtémoc Blanco 20 Nicolas Navarro 21 Raul Gutiérrez